Project Description

The Watford City Bypass project is actually two bypasses: a southwest bypass and a southeast bypass. Work on the southwest bypass is already underway. A groundbreaking for the southeast Watford City bypass project was held on May 15, 2014. When completed, the two bypasses will connect (from west to east) US 85 to the bypasses, as well as ND 23 and 1806. Trucks will be able to remain on the bypasses as they travel throughout the Oil Patch, facilitating traffic flow and easing congestion in the center of town as well as for trucks traveling through the area.

Southwest Bypass

The Watford City Southwest Bypass will connect to US Highway 85 southwest of the city. It is a four-lane roadway and will begin 3.5 miles west of Watford city on US 85 and will reconnect with US 85 3.5 miles south of the city. The 7.58 mile bypass project includes grading, paving and widening and will be completed in the fall of 2014.  Paving work has already begun on the Southwest Bypass as of early August 2014.

Southeast Bypass

The Watford City Southeast Bypass project will connect ND 23 to the east of Watford City to US 85 south of Watford City.  This bypass project will be built to accommodate four lanes of traffic and will be nearly six miles long.

The Watford City Bypasses will improve traffic flow in a very busy area of the Oil Patch, while also improving connectivity for the regional highway system. Nearly 3,900 trucks travel through Watford City each day. This project is designed to facilitate truck traffic around the Watford City area as well as relieving congestion for local residents, while still allowing the community to continue to grow and benefit from the economic growth in the region.

Current Project Status

  • Paving work has begun on the Watford Southwest Bypass
  • Crews are moving traffic onto a temporary roadway to facilitate paving work
  • Traffic is shifted onto an adjacent lane on US 85 south of Watford City near Co Road 30 for one mile
  • Tie-in work to 24th Street has begun
  • Paving work has also begun on the Watford Southeast bypass

For more information on the Watford City Bypass projects, please review the maps of the projects below. Motorists can also learn more about the projects in our FAQ section of the website.


Watford City 012 Watford City Bypasses


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