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Watch for Additional Projects

NDDOT will also complete additional road improvements throughout the Williston District in 2015. Additional projects planned for this year’s construction season include:

  • Continued improvements to US 2 between Stanley and Berthold, including shoulder widening, turn lane construction, turn lane extensions and paving. Construction on this area of US 2 began during the 2014 construction season. This year’s project is expected to be completed in October. As of August 13, crews are paving US 2 eastbound beginning in Stanley at the intersection of ND 8 and east for nine miles. Rumble strips and paint striping will also cause temporary lane closures. 
  • As of August 18, crews are also paving 9 miles west of Berthold on the eastbound lanes and 1 mile east of Berthold on the westbound lanes near the junction of ND 28 to 2.5 miles west of Berthold

The following links provide more information about road construction projects throughout the area: