Field Studies

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Field Studies

Kadrmas, Lee & Jackson, Inc (KLJ) has been contracted by the NDDOT to perform environmental study, preliminary engineering, and surveying for the project. Field studies are currently being conducted in the project area and letters have been sent to landowners notifying them of the work. If you have any questions or concerns about surveys or studies being conducted on your property please contact Nici Meyer at 701-250-5951 or [email protected]

Study Area Maps

Does the NDDOT pay for access for survey, environmental or geotechnical studies, including soil sampling and boring?

The NDDOT as a governmental agency does not pay for access for survey and studies (including soil sampling and boring), however in the event there are any crop or other damages as a result of the survey and studies the NDDOT will reimburse the landowner for those damages. In the event there are damages, please contact Nici Meyer, KLJ at 701-250-5951 or [email protected]

What if I deny the NDDOT access for survey, environmental or geotechnical studies?

Under North Dakota Century Code 25-01-27, The NDDOT or its authorized agents, may enter upon any land for the purpose of making surveys, examinations, or tests. If there are any damages to the property, the NDDOT will reimburse the Landowner for those damages. It is important to the NDDOT and its agents conducting the survey and studies to not hinder your use of the property; therefore, they will endeavor to abide by any reasonable considerations you request.