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Current Status – All Williston District Projects

Zone 1 Projects (Northwest of Williston)

On US 85 north of Williston (US 85 to ND 50) construction is nearly complete near mile marker 208 and approximately 1 mile south of ND 50 near mile marker 216 approximately 7 miles north of US 2.  Traffic has been moved onto the new bridges and paving is nearly complete. 

Zone 2 Projects (Williston and Surrounding Areas)

  1. On ND 200, paving is complete from US 85 to the ND/MT border.
  2. On ND 58 between ND 200 and 1804, speeds are reduced to 40mph, flaggers are directing traffic as needed during the day and reflectors have been installed for nighttime visibility. Width restrictions are 12 ft. as crews wrap up box culvert work on this project.
  3. On the Lewis and Clark Bridge project, Motorists traveling on the Lewis and Clark Bridge on US Highway 85 south of Williston may experience intermittent delays due to delivery of material for the bridge project. In order to complete bridge construction work, this delay will occur periodically beginning Sunday, October 30 through mid-November. For up to date information on traffic delays go to the Travel Information Map at Speeds are reduced to 45 mph approaching the bridge from the north and south, with a speed limit of 35mph on the bridge. 
  4. For the Wildlife Crossing that is part of the Lewis and Clark Bridge project, traffic is detoured onto a gravel bypass approximately one half mile south of the bridge. Speeds are reduced to 25mph, flaggers are directing traffic and a 14 ft. width restriction is in place. The detour is scheduled to be in place until July of 2017.
  5. Paving is complete on ND 68, with crews currently wrapping up finish work. Striping, seeding and work along the shoulders of the roadway is expected to be complete by the week of November 14th.
  6. Two intersection projects are nearly complete in Williston, which include improvements to US 2 and 42nd Street as well as US 2 and 9th Street.  The US 2 and 42nd Street project includes widening 42nd Street westbound at the intersection of US 2 to accommodate another turning lane. Previously there was only one turning lane from the roadway and this project will provide two turning lanes. Paving has been completed on the project and once pavement markings and signing are installed, the roadway will open. The expected completion date for the project is November 4th. Additional finish work on the project, including street lighting and traffic light installations should be completed between November 10th and November 19th. There should be minimal impact to traffic while these final improvements take place.

Zone 3 Projects (Watford City and Surrounding Areas)

  1. On the Keene Roundabout project, the new roundabout is open to traffic.
  2. The US 85 lighting and turn lanes project is still in progress, with areas on the northbound and southbound roadway reduced to one lane west of Watford City and west of Arnegard. Speeds are reduced to 55mph in the construction zone.
  3. On US 85B from the Watford City Bypass to Watford City, the roadway has reopened to traffic and crews are wrapping up finish work along the sides of the roadway.  
  4. The 7th Street project in Watford City is complete.

Zone 4 Projects (Stanley/Tioga/Ray)

The Tioga ND 40 project, a carryover project from last year, has been completed.