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Project Description

This project begins at the 13-mile corner, which is 13 miles north of Williston. This segment begins on US Highway 2 as it curves east when driving from Williston to Minot. This project will begin this year, and consists of widening, turn lanes, lighting, and bridge replacement on US Highway 85 from the junction of US Highway 2/85 (13-mile corner) to the junction of ND Highway 50. The bridges being replaced are located at milepoint 208 and 216 and are both on the Little Muddy River.




Current Project Status

Construction work has begun on US Highway 85 north of Williston and traffic is being moved onto a temporary onsite detour north of the city between US Highway 2 in Williston and south of 78th Street NW for bridge replacement work on Little Muddy Creek Bridge. The short all-gravel bypass detour is in place at US 85 mile point marker 216 near the bridge location.

During construction:

  • Traffic will be head-to-head
  • Speeds are reduced to 25mph
  • Width restriction of 12 feet is in place
  • Flaggers may be in place
  • Pilot cars will guide motorists through the work zone
  • Motorists may experience delays

The bridge is expected to be fully removed by the first week of June. The detour is expected to be in place until September.

As of July 15, 2016, speeds are reduced to 25mph near the bridges located at mile marker 216 and 208. Speeds are reduced to 45mph near the work zones, while speeds remain at 65mph leading up to the bypasses. The north bridge bypass, located at mile marker 216 is an all-gravel bypass, while the south bridge bypass, located at mile marker 208, is paved.