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NDDOT Williston District Construction Projects

The North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) has begun the 2015 construction season with the continuation of several 2014 projects, including the Williston Truck Reliever Route, 18th Street in Williston, Main Street in Williston and the remainder of the US 85 Four Lane Project, which includes the construction of a new four lane Lewis and Clark Bridge. Construction on the bridge begins this year and is slated for completion by the end of the 2016 construction season.

New projects this year include the widening and reconstruction of Main Street in New Town, following the completion of the New Town Truck Reliever Route in 2014. Crews will also begin two roundabout projects this year, including the ND 200/ND 58 roundabout at the North Dakota border near Sidney, Montana and a new roundabout at the intersection of ND 23 and ND 73 east of Watford City. The ND 23/73 roundabout project also includes the widening and reconstruction of ND 23 east of the new Watford City Southeast Bypass and continues to the intersection with the new roundabout. ND Highway 40 south of Tioga will also undergo reconstruction this year, with the expansion of the two lane roadway to a three lane concrete section with eight-foot shoulders and turn lanes as well as traffic signals and street lighting as part of the project.

Additional projects this year include a new US 85 Wildlife Crossing project, which will begin mid-summer 2015. This new four lane wildlife crossing will be the first four lane crossing in North Dakota. A two lane crossing exists in Jamestown, North Dakota and this four lane crossing is similar to those found in other wildlife-rich states such as Montana and Wyoming. Finally, US 2 from Stanley to Berthold experience continued improvements on segments of the roadway to complete the work that began in this area in 2014.

In 2014, NDDOT kicked off a record roadway infrastructure project aimed at significantly improving traffic flow in western North Dakota in 2014. Last year’s construction season began with groundbreaking ceremonies in Williston, Alexander, Watford City, and New Town.

According to NDDOT Director Grant Levi when construction kicked off, “The state has made a significant investment in roadway infrastructure with over $800 million of construction work occurring this year.” Over $500 million of the planned improvements were completed in western North Dakota in 2014.

Major projects in 2014 in western North Dakota included:

These projects are designed to create a truck corridor around the Oil Patch through a series of bypasses designed to route truck traffic over Williston at 18th Street, west of Williston via the truck reliever route, southwest and southeast of Watford City via two bypasses, northeast of New Town in 2014 and eventually via a completed bypass southwest of New Town, with additional improvements to frequently traveled 1804 between Watford City and New Town. This series of bypasses will also bring an easing of traffic flow to the communities of Williston, Watford City, Alexander and New Town as well as towns throughout the Oil Patch.

NDDOT encourages motorists and truck drivers to stay alert in construction zones as there will also be a number of improvement projects during the 2015 construction season. Reduced speeds and delays should be anticipated as construction work ramps up this spring.

For more information about recently completed projects as well as projects that will continue into the 2015 construction season, please review the project information pages and maps on this website. We also encourage motorists to click on the FAQs link above for answers to frequently asked questions. We appreciate your patience each construction season as we help Drive North Dakota’s Progress.