Project Description

The 18th Street project will relieve congestion in the City of Williston by providing an overpass for US 2 traffic and an underpass for local 18th Street traffic in Williston. Pedestrian improvements will also be added, including sidewalks, landscaping and lighting on either side of 18th Street as part of the underpass construction. Traffic will be detoured onto a temporary roadway during the duration of the project.

The majority of the work on this project will be completed in the fall of 2014. Landscaping and permanent pavement marketing will need to be completed during the 2015 construction season.  Once complete, this project will provide motorists and pedestrians with a more functional crossing of US 2. The new overpass will reduce delays for approaching traffic and create a greater separation for local and regional traffic.

According to traffic counts, there are 29,500 vehicles traveling on this segment of US 2 each day. This project, in conjunction with the Williston Truck Reliever Route project, will facilitate traffic flow in the area and meet forecasted traffic demands. Traffic flow will be greatly enhanced in the City of Williston as well as the areas west of Williston.

Current Project Status

  • Bridge construction began the week of August 4th for the US 2 overpass
  • Excavation work has begun on the 18th Street underpass
  • Traffic continues to be detoured to facilitate construction; there are alternate routes for US 2 and 18th Street
  • A section of Bison Drive was closed recently for continued work on 18th Street
  • Some parking for access to Wilkinson Field is available

For more information on the phases and location of the Williston/18th Street project, please  review the map of the project below. Motorists can also learn more about the project in our FAQ section of the website.


Williston18th1 Williston / 18th Street


18th ped walkway1 Williston / 18th Street