The NDDOT Williston District serves the transportation needs of the communities in northwestern North Dakota, including Williston, Alexander, Watford City, New Town, Stanley, and Berthold. NDDOT has been working very hard to build new bypasses, expand roadways, and provide roadway improvements that will enhance traffic movement in this very fast growing part of the state, while getting motorists where they need to go safely.

NDDOT has a number of projects planned again this year, with the continuation and completion of the Williston Truck Reliever Route, the 18th Street project in Williston and the Main Street Reconstruction project in Williston. New projects this year include the replacement of the Lewis and Clark Bridge, a new roundabout on ND 200/ND 58 near Sidney, Montana and a new roundabout east of Watford City at the intersection of ND 23 and ND 73. Main Street in New Town will also be reconstructed this year, while improvements on the US 85 four lane project will continue from north of Alexander to Williston. The US 85 project includes the construction of the first four lane wildlife crossing in North Dakota, with the roadway constructed to direct wildlife under the roadway and down to the Missouri River. US 2 improvements will also continue this year, with construction planned for segments of US 2 from Stanley to Berthold. ND Highway 40 south of Tioga will also undergo reconstruction, with a large segment north of US 2 and south of Tioga on ND 40 expanding to a three lane concrete section with eight-foot shoulders and turn lanes as well as traffic signals and street lighting.

Most recently, crews repaired the Long X Bridge in Watford City and completed the US 85 Lighting Project, providing a number of roadway lights at intersections along US 85. Crews also recently completed improvements to the US 85 corridor that include new traffic signals at the intersection of the Watford City South Business Route (US 85 B) and the Watford Southeast Bypass as well as the US 85 and ND 68 intersection. The US 85/ND 68 project also included the installation of delineator reflectors and intersection lighting with associated reduced speed limits through the newly signalized intersection.

Last year’s construction season in the Williston District was part of the largest road construction season in North Dakota history. Over $800 million in road construction in North Dakota took place in 2014, with over $500 million completed or underway for western North Dakota. Plans included a multi-year truck reliever route project in Williston, new bypasses in Alexander and Watford City, a truck reliever route in New Town, and extensive improvements to US 2, US 85, 1804, and 18th Street in Williston. Several improvement projects also took place on US 2 in Williston, Berthold, Stanley and Surrey, and many additional smaller projects took place throughout the region.

The NDDOT Williston District appreciates everyone’s patience as we gear up for our next construction season. Let’s Drive North Dakota Progress!

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